About Us

For anyone that has ever experienced stop and go traffic on a motorcycle will truly respect the innovation and design of the clutch buddy.

In 2014 a product created in Des Moines Iowa went from concept to reality. Clutch buddy is a truly innovative product that allows you to focus on other things than trying to fumble to find neutral when you come to a complete stop. Numerous times daily we pull up to a stoplight and expect the light to change instantly only to find ourselves sitting there for 2+ minutes holding in the clutch.  Clutch buddy is a simple and easy operation “pull in the clutch engage the clutch buddy and relax”. Clutch buddy is designed and precisely engineered to fit most makes and models of motorcycles in the market today. Clutch buddy comes complete with all necessary tools and hardware  to make this a simple two minute installation.

How it works

Clutch Buddy is engineered to securely hold your clutch lever in place.

When you're on the move again, release the Clutch Buddy and drive away


Stop and go traffic can be a hand cramp-inducing nightmare. Holding the clutch over and over at stop lights is a prescription for carpel tunnel and road rage. Clutch Buddy is the cure.